Past event
13 Nov 2019

Data Day Monterrey 2019


Data Day is a day of conferences, workshops and demos, aimed at people involved in the processing and analysis of data in business contexts.

Data Day has been carried out successfully in Mexico City annually since 2016, and in 2019 we are making the first edition in Monterrey, NL.

The Monterrey Data Day Agenda will be confirmed by a main track and a workshop track:

  • Main track: During the morning we will address issues of data-based business strategy. In the afternoon we will focus on machine learning sessions in the real world.
  • Workshops: Guided laboratories where you will learn to use some of the leading tools for large-scale data management. You must bring a laptop with the tools indicated in the information of the laboratories in which you wish to participate.

Videos from the conference (19):

Webinar #DataDayMTY : Visualización de datos con Bokeh
#DataDayMTY 19 - ¿Por qué está tomando tanto tiempo tu iniciativa de data analytics?
#DataDayMTY 19 - Ciencia de Datos @ tu empresa: primero estrategia? o primero herramienta?
#DataDayMTY 19 - Clasificación de acciones sociales usando computer vision
#DataDayMTY 19 - Ward Clustering para demand planning en retail minorista
#DataDayMTY 19 - Deepfakes