Past event
21 Sep 2019

Developer Developer Developer East Anglia 2019


DDD East Anglia will be returning for another year. It will take place in Cambridge on Saturday 21 September 2019 at Hills Road Sixth Form College. Like all DDD community events, DDD East Anglia is free to attend, funded entirely through the generosity of our sponsors.

Developer! Developer! Developer! (DDD) East Anglia is part of the popular series of Developer Days events for the UK developer community that have run since May 2005. Although each DDD event has its own particular "flavour", they remain immensely popular and enjoyable, regularly attracting 200-300 attendees and often selling out within minutes.

DDD events were started on the following five principles, which we intend to adhere to in their spirit:

  • For the community by the community
  • Free to attend
  • Held on a Saturday or non-work day
  • No Microsoft speakers (with some exceptions)
  • Grow the local speaker community

Sessions are submitted by members of the community and selected by attendees. Microsoft speakers are generally not permitted to speak at DDD events, but the exceptions to this rule are Microsoft employees who are active members of the UK developer community. In short, these are sessions crafted by developers for developers, with no sales pitches allowed!