Past event

The DevOops conference focuses on all things relevant to DevOps. The conference takes place on October 29-30, 2019 in St. Petersburg, Russia, and welcomes more than 500 on-site and online visitors.

Key topics:

  • CloudNative (Helm, Kubernetes, Istio, service mesh);
  • Cloud Technologies (AWS, Azure, Heroku, Serverless, etc.);
  • Observability, Audit and Monitoring (Prometheus, OkMeter, DataDog, BPF, Dynatrace, XRebel, Glimpse, Zipkin, OpenTrace, etc.);
  • CI/CD (Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, Kubernetes Operators, CD Foundation, Spinnaker);
  • Configuration Management (Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Salt, Terraform); -Security (Vault, IDS, IPS, etc.);
  • CNI, Infrastructure and Networking Management (Traefik, Calico, Cilium, etc.);
  • Storages (Persistent Volumes, databases, Kafka, etc.);
  • Technical debt and complexity management (migration with legacy, DevOps for mainframes);
  • Zero Downtime, self-healing, and antifragility;
  • Business cases of DevOps transformation of large projects: wins and fails;
  • Specific features of operations for different tech platforms.

Our program consists of content divided into 3 levels of difficulty (aka hardcoreness): introduction to technology, for practicing engineers, hardcore. In addition to delivering the talks our speakers also lead the discussions at our discussion zone after the talk where attendees can interact with speakers and ask questions.