Past event

3 Days, 26 Talks, 1 Track. Get your tickets now! This Conference is for every SysAdmin, Ops, DevOps, Developer, Manager or Techie who wants to level up. Sieze the opportunity to watch and talk with the top DevOps gurus and Big Players in order to boost your Journey to DevOps Mastery.

Videos from the conference (24):

Rareş Muşină – Resilient service-to-service calls in a post-Hystrix world
Raam Rosh Hai – Continuous delivery for data science models
Philipp Krenn – Centralized Logging Patterns
Pere Urbon-Bayes – Apache Kafka: advice from the trenches or how to successfully fail!
Paco Orozco – Spartans don’t like "bad" data
Paula Julve – SMART ethics for devops