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6 Apr 2019

DevOps Fest 2019


Today Development & Operations is a popular trend in the IT industry, which is progressing very fast. Therefore, at DevOps Fest - only real cases and new trends in the world of DevOps. We have invited the best experts, from world and Ukrainian IT, who are ready to share their knowledge and skills, success and failure stories, to discuss non-standard solutions and modern trends in DevOps. These are the people who make Continuous Development of the IT industry worldwide.

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Past event

Videos from the conference (19):

Олег Белецкий. Using Chef to manage hardware-based infrastructure. DevOps Fest 2019
Peter Braun. DevOps in the Cluster: A deep dive into operators. DevOps Fest 2019
Antonio Pigna. The evolution of Devops in the age of AI. DevOps Fest 2019
Alex Thissen. Taking your .NET Core container solution from laptop to production. DevOps Fest 2019
Alex Casalboni. Configuration management and service discovery in a serverless world. DevOps Fest'19
Gianluca Arbezzano. DevOps never sleeps. What we learned from InfluxDB v1 to v2. DevOps Fest 2019