Past event
23–24 Sep 2019

DevOpsDays Boston 2019

Boston, MA 

Devopsdays is a worldwide series of technical conferences covering topics of software development, IT infrastructure operations, and the intersection between them.

DevOpsDays Boston 2019 will take place on Monday, September 23rd and Tuesday, September 24th at the Cyclorama at the Boston Center for the Arts, a unique venue on the National Register of Historic Places.

We hope that you’ll join us for another year of the conference that brings development and operations together.

Videos from the conference (32):

DevOpsDays Boston 2019 - All Tech is Debt by Dave Stanke
DevOpsDays Boston 2019 - DevOps for the Startup by Doran Smestad
DevOpsDays Boston 2019- A Monolith, a Microservices, and a Function Walk into a Bar by Ian Crosby
DevOpsDays Boston 2019 - Imposter Syndrome Ain't Just a River in Egypt by Jesse Butler
DevOpsDays Boston 2019 - The Test Automation Firehose by Thomas Haver
DevOpsDays Boston 2019 -Building a full CI/CD deployment pipeline by Richard Boyd