Devopsdays is coming back to Copenhagen!

Other DevOpsDays events (59):

DevOpsDays Dallas 2021
25–26 Aug 2021
 TX Plano Plano, TX 
Devopsdays Portugal 2021
24–25 May 2021
  Porto Porto 

Details are coming soon.

DevOpsDays Paris 2021

Videos from the conference (15):

Matty Stratton - Fight, Flight, or Freeze - Releasing Organizational Trauma
Allan Ebdrup - War Stories About the Ops in DevOps
Michiel Rook - Database Schema Migrations with Zero Downtime
Ignite Talk - Henrik Høegh - There's no magic
Ignite Talk - Philipp Krenn - YAML Considered Harmful
Ignite Talk - Kasper Nissen - Cloud Native CI/CD using 'GitOps'