20–21 Oct 2022

Devopsdays Eindhoven 2022


From fledgling startups to established industry, the Netherlands is home to a large, vibrant technology community. Eindhoven, in particular thanks to the fantastic Eindhoven University of Technology, the birth place of Philips and home of ASML, is drawing attention from around the globe.

Devopsdays Eindhoven brings organizational culture and technical leadership around development and operations together to make better organizations, teams, and people. The 2022 event will be the first time we have held Devopsdays Eindhoven.

The event will be on October 20-21, 2022 at Conference Center High Tech Campus in the city of Eindhoven. We may scale down the event to two or even a single day depending on circumstances.

The format of Devopsdays Eindhoven includes a single track of 30 minute talks in the morning of each event, followed by Ignite talks (5 minutes, auto-forwarding). We spend the rest of the afternoon in Open Spaces, which are considered a key portion of the event. We'll also host a show floor and social events before and during the event.

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