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DevOpsDays is a worldwide series of community run technical conferences covering topics of software development, IT infrastructure operations, and the intersection between them. It is run by volunteers from community, for the benefit of the community. We are not a commercial conference and we believe that our focus on serving the community creates a truly unique experience for both delegates and sponsors.

We expect 400 people this year and will be holding the event on September 26-27, 2019 at the QEII Centre in Westminster.

The format of DevOpsDays London includes a single track of 30 minute talks in the morning of each event, followed by Ignite talks (5 minute, auto forwarding). We spend the rest of the afternoon in Open Spaces, which are considered a key portion of the event.

Other DevOpsDays London events:

DevOpsDays London 2020
24–25 Sep 2020
  London London 

Videos from the conference (17):

AbdulBasit Kabir - Moving to Kubernetes, or not?
Nayana Shetty - Monitoring Decoded, Why What and How? in 5 Ignite minutes
David McKay - The DShell Pattern
Nik Knight - Using Coaching Skills to Grow Compassion, Empathy and Kindness in DevOps
Edward Thompson - Git Top Tips
Marcel Britsch & Neha Datt: Bringing Product thinking to DevOps