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devopsdays is a worldwide community conference series for anyone interested in IT improvement.

DevOpsDays Portland 2019 is September 10–12 at the Oregon Convention Center! Watch the Twitter account for more information.

Other DevOpsDays events (58):

DevOpsDays Dallas 2021
25–26 Aug 2021
 TX Plano Plano, TX 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we the organizers of DevOpsDays DFW have decided that in the best interest of the community's safety and well-being not to proceed with our event on August 26-27, 2020 as planned. We have scheduled DevOpsDays Dallas 2021 to occur on August 25-26, 2021. If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to email us at: [email protected] .

Devopsdays Portugal 2021
24–25 May 2021
  Porto Porto 

Details are coming soon.

DevOpsDays Paris 2021

Videos from the conference (19):

DevOpsDays Portland, 2019: Gene Kim - The Unicorn Project And The Five Ideals
DevOpsDays Portland, 2019: Kenzie Woodbridge - Everyone's a player in a mid 90s MUD
DevOpsDays Portland, 2019: Thai Wood - Everything I know about incident response
DevOpsDays Portland, 2019: Andy Fleener - Here's your Pager GLHF
DevOpsDays Portland, 2019: Matty Stratton - Ignite - Everyone is Wrong About DevOps Except for Me
DevOpsDays Portland, 2019: Ashina Sipiora - Ignite - Negotiating Your Next Job in Tech