26–27 Sep 2022

DevOpsDays Portugal 2022


DevOpsDays Portugal 2022 is powered by the DevOps Porto and DevOps Lisbon communities, the main meetup groups dedicated to DevOps in Portugal. The event will follow the DevOpsDays structure used in most cities throughout the world. This will be the second DevOpsDays organized in Portugal. We've chosen Porto to host the event, and hope to alternate cities each year.

This year the conference will focus on "What's next?" in DevOps. We want to get a glimpse of the future and think beyond the current DevOps landscape. We want to take a peek into what innovative things DevOps practitioners are working on. We also want to spark a discussion around what the community thinks will be future trends and revolutionize the space.

Each day will feature a combination of selected talks, ignite talks (5 minutes long), and open space (group discussions). The talks will be presented in a single track while the open space discussions will happen in parallel (according to the topics suggested by the audience).

The selected speakers will include local and foreign participants. The goal is to strengthen and promote the local community and at the same time learn from international experiences. Special attention will be given to diversity and newcomers. We value new and diverse points of view.

For this event, we are considering all talks and ignites to be in English.

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