Past event

If you work with developers or developer communities in Asia for a living, and have "Developer" + "Relations, Program Manager, Avocado/Advocate, Evangelist, Community Manager” or similar in your title, this event is for you!

Join us in this cosy virtual get-together with your industry peers where we will discuss and share thoughts on the following topics.

Unconference topics:

  • Developer engagement during COVID-19
  • Measuring developer engagement
  • Increasing gender diversity in tech

How does it work?

When you RSVP to this event, you’re able to submit questions for discussion. Please only submit questions relevant to the topics for this meetup:

✅ Good question: What are the biggest changes to how you work because of COVID-19?

❌ Irrelevant question: What is your best travel hack?

As we want to keep this event cosy, we’re focusing on DevRel professionals attendees only. If you’re the right profile for this event, you will receive a Zoom meeting invite at least a day before the event. Please do not share the link publicly to prevent zoom-bombing!

During the event, the organisers will flash questions the group wants to address and anyone who would like to share can do so upon directed by the organisers (so we minimise the frequency of “you go first, no sorry you go first”).

After the event, we hope you made some friends and learned new things that could be helpful for your career!

This event is in English - we are testing out some live translation tools to use in the call, to accomodate for those where English isn't first language. Thanks for your understanding! See you!