Past event
20–21 Jun 2019

DinosaurJS 2019


DinosaurJS is a community-run conference in Denver, Colorado. This is its fourth iteration.

This year, it'll be happening on June 20th, 2019—that's a Thursday for those of you keeping track at home.

Typically, conference talks are about 25 minutes in length with some brief Q&A from our wonderful emcee.

DinosaurJS is part of the JSConf Family of Conferences.

Videos from the conference (10):

DinosaurJS 2019: Building JavaScript for JavaScripters by Cassidy Williams
DinosaurJS 2019: Postmortem on the Ingen Incident by Hayley Denbraver
DinosaurJS 2019: How to Have an Amicable Breakup With a JavaScript Library by Daria Caraway
DinosaurJS 2019: Codemods: Refactoring JavaScript using JavaScript by Saimon Sharif
DinosaurJS 2019: The Future of Web Animation by Sarah Drasner
DinosaurJS 2019: The Art of Teaching by Lori Culberson