Past event
22–27 Sep 2019

DjangoCon US 2019


DjangoCon US is a six-day international conference for the community by the community about the Django web framework, held each year in North America.

DjangoCon US has something for everyone, from the person who develops Django applications for a living to the person who just tinkers in their spare time. You'll discover details about a range of diverse applications that people from all over the world are building with Django, get a deeper understanding of concepts you’re already familiar with and discover new ways to use them, and have a lot of fun!

Videos from the conference (42):

DjangoCon 2019 -Forklifting Django: Migrating A Complex Django App To Kubernetes by Noah Kantrowitz
DjangoCon 2019 - Using Django as a Micro-Framework: Hacking on the HTTP handlers.. by Carlton Gibson
DjangoCon 2019 - Technical Debt: Why it'll ruin your software by Luan Fonseca
DjangoCon 2019 - Pull Requests: Merging good practices into your project by Luca Bezerra
Private video
DjangoCon 2019 - To comment or not? Veronica Hanus