Past event
10–11 Oct 2019

Dotnetos - .NET Performance Conference


The Dotnetos Conference is premium, two-day conference focused on the .NET Core and .NET performance. Top-notch speakers from around the globe and companies like Microsoft or JetBrains. Chance to meet well-known people from .NET community in person!


  • Two great days: Two days full of knowledge about .NET internals and .NET performance. Your developer's life will not be the same! And meals will be great too!

  • Excellent speakers: Top-notch speakers about .NET performance and internals from Poland and abroad. You know them for sure, let's hear them live!

  • Location: A professional and pleasant place to comfortably deal with the topics presented - Digital Knowledge Village!

  • Suprises! Small surprises will be there also! You won't return empty-handed (besides great knowledge and networking opportunity).