2–5 Dec 2020

DotNext Moscow 2020


Conference for .NET developers.

DotNext 2020 Moscow is a conference for .NET developers that takes place on December 2-5, 2020.

DotNext means three dozens of talks held by the world's leading experts such as Scott Hanselman, Jon Skeet, Jeffrey Richter, Sasha Goldshtein, Jon Galloway, Andrey Akinshin. 4 days of talks and discussions with developers from companies like Google, Microsoft, and JetBrains, exchanging experience and achievements at chats and discussion zones.

The conference talks are devoted to:

  • the present and the future of .NET platform;
  • performance optimization;
  • .NET platform inner workings;
  • architecture and design patterns;
  • .NET challenging problems and best practices.

By JUG.RU Group

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