Past event
18–19 Nov 2018

Droidcon SF 2018


Content and programming organized by Ty Smith, GDE/GDG & Mobile Tech Lead Manager at Uber & Joaquim Verges, GDG & Android Tech Lead at Twitch. Connect with top Android developers and learn from them at droidcon SF 2018 Android developer conference, November 19-20, 2018.

This year will feature:

  • 70+ technical Android talks
  • Workshops & codelabs
  • Best-in-class speakers from top Android teams in the USA, Europe and worldwide

Videos from the conference (63):

droidcon SF 2018 - Flutter + ML Kit: Building smart cross-platform apps
droidcon SF 2018 - Working Effectively with (Android) Legacy Code
droidcon SF 2018 - If your code looks like it's Kotlin & quacks like it's Kotlin...
droidcon SF 2018 - The Dangers of SharedPreferences: An API allegory
droidcon SF 2018 - Cross-Platform Fireside Chat
droidcon SF 2018 - Quick and clean prototypes that scale with Helium: a reactive MVP framework...