Past event
12 Sep 2019



elm-conf is a single-day, one-track conference for the Elm programming language community, currently in our fourth year.

elm-conf will take place in St. Louis on September 12, 2019.

The conference will be held as a Strange Loop preconference event.

If you're interested in Elm, functional programming, or frontend development in general, please join us!

Videos from the conference (10):

"Growing an Elm Project with the Whole Team" by Katja Mordaunt
"A 3D Rendering Engine for Elm" by Ian Mackenzie
"GraphQSquirrel" by Katie Hughes
"Game Development in Elm: Build Your Own Tooling" by James Gary
"Building a Music Learning Game with Elm, Web MIDI, and SVG Animation" by Liz Krane
"Making Elm Talk to Your Personal Supercomputer" by James Carlson