Past event
12 Sep 2019



elm-conf is a single-day, one-track conference for the Elm programming language community, currently in our fourth year.

elm-conf will take place in St. Louis on September 12, 2019.

The conference will be held as a Strange Loop preconference event.

If you're interested in Elm, functional programming, or frontend development in general, please join us!

Videos from the conference (10):

"A 3D Rendering Engine for Elm" by Ian Mackenzie
"Writing Testable Elm" by Tessa Kelly
"Building Highly Performant Animations in Elm" by Abadi Kurniawan
"A Month of Accessible Elm" by Brooke Angel
"Building a Music Theory API with Types" by Ryan Frazier
"Making Elm Talk to Your Personal Supercomputer" by James Carlson