Past event
27–28 Jun 2019

elm Europe


elm Europe will be a two-day conference dedicated to elm, taking place at the EFREI Engineering School in Villejuif (near Paris, France) on June 27-28 2019.

The event is organized by the elm community, for the elm community, with the willing of sharing knowledge, news about the language, and meeting interesting people.

Videos from the conference (27):

Albert Dahlin Moving to the Actor Model in Elm Elm Europe 2019
André Dietrich Open Course Development with Liascript
Andrey Kuzmin Fighting the Laws of Physics with Elm Elm Europe 2019
Benoît Chiquet & Radwane Hassen From experiment to production: stories of Elm at Veepee Elm Eur
Chad Stearns What has Excited Me About Audio Synthesis Theory Elm Europe 2019
Dan Abrams Making Impossible Video States Impossible: Streamlining a Livestream Elm Europe 2019