Past event
18–20 Mar 2019

EmberConf 2019


EmberConf is the best place to meet the folks behind the magic. You’ll hear from members of the Ember Core Team, top community contributors and users, and help shape the future of Ember.

Here's what to expect:

  • Two days of top conference talks
  • Friendly attendees and speakers
  • Lunch and snacks on both days
  • One day of activities and trainings
  • Conference swag and sponsor booths
  • After-hours fun and community building

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Past event
EmberConf 2020
17–18 Mar 2020

Videos from the conference (28):

EmberConf 2019 - Learning Ember on the Job by Lily Beauvilliers
EmberConf 2019 - Ember Data - It's Not Just for JSON API Anymore by Robert Wagner
Opening Keynote by Yehuda Katz & Tom Dale
EmberConf 2019 - Your Desktop, the Studio by Kate Ruggeri
EmberConf 2019 - Typed Ember: Strong Types for Better Apps by James C. Davis
EmberConf 2019 - Crafting Web Comics with Ember by Jessica Jordan