Past event
7–8 May 2020

Ethereal Virtual Summit 2020


Join our first-ever virtual conference and experience a stellar collaboration of technologists, artists, startups, entrepreneurs, and investors engaging directly with the latest developments in Ethereum, blockchain, and decentralization.

Ethereal is a global series of conferences focused on connecting leading developers, founders, startups, investors, and creatives shaping the future of Ethereum and blockchain.

The Ethereal Summit covers the critical way Ethereum can revolutionize the world. Where a decentralized, more efficient, and democratized world enables humanity to move with a shared purpose. Our content is insightful, inspiring, and purposeful. In previous years, we have welcomed over 300 top speakers and experts in their respective field, from the Ethereum ecosystem and even Fortune 500 companies. Our speakers are carefully curated and cover a myriad of topics relevant in our world today including but not limited to:

  • Decentralized finance (DeFi) applications
  • Blockchain in emerging markets
  • The impact of NFTs in the arts and gaming
  • Research and development into scaling Ethereum 2.0
  • Enterprise blockchain innovations

You can learn more about the Ethereal Summit on our homepage here and see the beautiful, creative productions we're proud to have hosted the last 4 years! To get inspired by previous Ethereal talks, check out the Ethereal Summit YouTube page.

Videos from the conference (73):

The Changing Crypto Narratives (Joe Lubin, Mike Novogratz, Angie Lau) | Ethereal Virtual Summit 2020
Fireside Chat on the Future of DeFi with Rune Christensen | Ethereal Virtual Summit 2020
Uniswap V2 and What Comes Next | Ethereal Virtual Summit 2020
Fireside Chat with Vitalik Buterin and Cami Russo | Ethereal Virtual Summit 2020
Into the Ether Live Podcast Recording with Joe Lubin | Ethereal Virtual Summit 2020
Bringing DeFi to 1 Billion People | Ethereal Virtual Summit 2020