Past event
24–26 Sep 2020

EuroIA 2020


At EuroIA 2020 in Berlin, we’re looking for content that looks forwards with an optimistic lens, one of hope. We’re looking for submissions that celebrate structured thinking and approaches to problem solving and systems design. We’ll also be encouraging sessions that help create solid but flexible foundations for the future.

We hope the following questions can help guide your thinking:

How are you using IA approaches in modern work across new technologies and new design contexts? Eg, Immersive Tech, Multimodal Interfaces, Policy Design

How are you building foundations for the future that can adapt to an ever changing world? Eg, Dynamic data models, system models, multi-channel design systems

How are you slowing down teams to reshape worlds and anticipate unintended consequences? Eg, speculative design, systems thinking, selling structured thinking

How are you fusing IA with other practices and disciplines to create a stronger practice for your work?Eg, Architecture, service design, business strategy, content strategy, product management

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Past event
EuroIA 2019
26–28 Sep 2019
  Riga Riga 

Impact is our theme

With the advent of Machine learning and artificial intelligence the ethical discourse around the role of designers and IA practitioners has been drastically changing, asking for more accountability in the design of digital products and demanding new ways to assess and measure the explicit and implicit consequences of our work.

In our practice we used to measure ROI in terms of increased engagement, loyalty or satisfaction. Metrics reassure investors and managers, but do they actually speak about the impact of our design? What are the unmeasurable metrics that we should push forward in this new era of product development?

What do we need to hold ourselves accountable for?