Past event
2–6 Sep 2019

EuroSciPy 2019


The EuroSciPy meeting is a cross-disciplinary gathering focused on the use and development of the Python language in scientific research. This event strives to bring together both users and developers of scientific tools, as well as academic research and state of the art industry.

EuroSciPy 2019 takes place 2-6 September 2019 in Bilbao, Spain.

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Videos from the conference (23):

EuroSciPy 2019 Bilbao - Welcome talk - Alexandre Savio
EuroSciPy 2019 Bilbao - Keynote Talk - From Galaxies to Brains! - Samuel Farrens
EuroSciPy 2019 Bilbao - Apache Arrow - Joris Van den Bossche
EuroSciPy 2019 Bilbao - Caterva - Francesc Alterd
EuroSciPy 2019 Bilbao - Modin: Scaling the Capabilities of the Data Scientist - Devin Petersohn
EuroSciPy 2019 Bilbao - Best Coding Practices in Jupyterlab - Alexander CS Hendorf