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6 Sep 2019

ExpandConf 2019


Many conferences focus on a single topic. Development. Architecture. Testing. Operations. Software architecture. EXPAND Conference is here to change that, because we believe that to make the best software we need to look beyond what we know and learn from those around us.

The EXPAND Conference 2019 brings together every IT discipline, for an in-depth look at the value and difference every role brings. We will be learning new ways of working together and sharing our knowledge, with a focus on mastery in engineering teams.

Join us in expanding your horizon on the 6th of September for a full day with 2 keynotes, 6 talks and 3/4 hands-on session. Let's start learning from leading practitioners in many different fields. Build your own community. Meet people that have been there, people that are doing it and people that can help you to help your teams improve.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Team engineering culture
  • Collaborative modelling
  • Continuous improvement
  • Continuous delivery
  • Software architecture
  • Socio-technical systems
  • Team dynamics
  • Monitoring

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