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25 Jan 2020

f(by) Conference 2020 – Functional Programming Conference


F(by) 2020 - the 6th edition of the conference on functional programming in Minsk, Belarus.

It is a one day conference organised by SPACE together with the local FuncBY community.

Tickets info is here

We will have 2 tracks of talks:

  1. Practical talks: success stories of FP languages usage

  2. Theoretical talks: programming language theory, mathematics, programming for the sake of programming, new things in FP languages.

The conference is annual and takes roots in 2014:

Previous year's website

Videos from 2019

Photos from 2019

The main purpose of F(by) is to sharpen developers’ skills in order to make it easier for them to uncover all new trends in development with functional languages. We are working to create a fruitful network to discuss the most interesting cases. Videos of the talks will be shared for free with attendees and community worldwide.

Selected speakers will get:

  • Invitation to a pre-party and after-party dinners with FuncBY community
  • Paid hotel for 2 nights (unless your company covers the expenses)
  • Reimbursed plane tickets (unless your company covers the expenses)
  • Lunch at the conference
  • Visa invitation if needed. Please, note there's no visa policy in Belarus (for up to 30 days travel for 80 countries)

We are looking forward to your submissions!

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f(by) 2020: Dependent types, Vitaly Bragilevsky
f(by) 2020: Dysfunctional programming with F#, Roman Liman
f(by) 2020: An overview of property testing in Haskell, Tom Sydney Kerckhove
f(by) 2020: Automatic White Box Testing With Free Monads, Alexander Granin
f(by) 2020: Making another DSL in Haskell: case study, Maxim Koltsov
f(by) 2020: Introduction to type-proofs in Kotlin, Imran Settuba