Past event
12–13 Dec 2019

Flowcon 2019


Flowcon is a conference held in Paris on December 12th and 13th.

Our (between 350 and 500) attendees are people interested to learn more about Agile, Kanban, Product, Software craftsmanship, DDD, Adaptative organizations, Lean Start Up, UX, … whatever practices than can help to get a better flow of outcomes and outputs.

We tend to focus more on new learning rather than awareness.

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Past event
Flowcon 2020
1–30 Nov 2020

Videos from the conference (13):

Product Management for Continuous Delivery - Elizabeth Ayer at FlowCon France 2019 - E01
Start Up, Scale Up, Screw Up - Jurgen Appelo at FlowCon France 2019 - E02
Flow : The new world of business agility - Fin Goulding at FlowCon France 2019 - E03
Tackling Sociotechnical complexity in the heart of your team - E. Vankelle & K. Baas FlowCon2019 E04
Imposing Agile with Coherence, Constraints and Curiosity - Karl Scotland at FlowCon France 2019 -E05
Extreme Contracts - Jacopo Romei at FlowCon France 2019 - E06