FoundationDB Summit is a technical conference organized by and for the FoundationDB community.

This year will mark the second FoundationDB Summit and we plan on creating a two-track event. The first track is aimed at attendees that may be new to the community and want to cover architectural overviews. This track will also cover sessions on how people are using FoundationDB to directly enable new business opportunities. The second track is for those in the community that may already be familiar with FoundationDB and want to dive deeper into the technical details on features, challenges, and tooling other community members have been working on. A full agenda will be published closer to the event to allow attendees to plan which track they want to attend.

Videos from the conference (20):

Restoring FDB after Catastrophic Accidents - Brandon Burton & Matthew Zeier, Wavefront
FoundationDB and Node.js: Year in Production - Steve Korshakov, Openland
Scale & Security for Data Workloads on IBM Cloud - Jason McGee, IBM
New Snowflake Capabilities and What They Mean for FoundationDB - Torsten Grabs, Snowflake
Unlucky Simulation - Andrew Noyes, Snowflake Computing
How We Saved 5x Migrating from Aurora to FoundationDB - Rick Branson & Ray Jenkins, Segment