Past event
8–11 Oct 2019

Future In Review (FiRe) 2019


Autonomous vehicles have emerged as a strategic national tech asset, with the most economically and geopolitically important technologies directly included in their supply chain. The advent of CRISPR has opened a Pandora's box of possibilities and risks in gene editing. The confluence of AI and facial recognition has facilitated revolutions in advertising and racial profiling. The limitations of neural networks have become clearer than ever, and their next iteration is just around the corner. FiRe 2019 will feature deep dives on what's coming next in these fields and many others.

Videos from the conference (18):

FiRe 2019 FiReStarter: Paul Clayson, CEO, AgilePQ
FiRe 2019 FiReStarter: Richard Romanowski, Executive Director, Planet Ark Power
FiRe 2019 FiReStarter: Jeff Hussey, CEO, Tempered Networks
FiRe 2019 Hotspot: David Gruber
FiRe 2019: Tunnel Vision: Foundational Issues in AI
FiRe 2019: The Future of Human-AI Interaction