18–19 Jun 2020

Gartner CIO & IT Executive Summit 2020


Winning in Digital Transformation

Optimizing for stability is no longer enough. Winning will heavily depend on an organizations ability to control disruption and uncertainty. All while digital transformation is pressuring CIOs and IT Executives to play a central role in fueling the growth (view 3 CIO recommendations for growth infographic) and success of their organizations.

As IT leaders, it’s up to you to define the rules of the game and see the opportunity in volatility. The most successful organizations take calculated risks on CIO strategy, talent and cost to set them apart from the competition.

To win, you need a technology and customer experience strategy built and executed on a clear understanding of the most critical trends. Where will you find the latest ideas and technology strategy to improve digital leadership skills and ignite innovation (view digital transformation innovation eBook)? How can you validate your strategies and find the capabilities to confidently deliver value to your business? Through an intersection of visionary speakers, peers, experts and technology providers, Gartner CIO & IT Executive Summit 2020 provides the inspiration, CIO insights and confidence needed to spur, sustain and win in digital transformation as your organization defines it.