Past event
15–17 May 2019

GeeCON Krakow 2019


Java and JVM based technologies, dynamic languages, RIA, enterprise architectures, patterns, distributed computing and much more...

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GeeCON Krakow 2020
2–4 Sep 2020
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Videos from the conference (73):

GeeCON 2019: Dmitry Chuyko - Do not put all eggs in one container
GeeCON 2019: Jonatan Kazmierczak - Secrets of top performance in Java revealed
GeeCON 2019: Raam Rosh Hai - From notebooks to production - bringing devops to scientists
GeeCON 2019: Kamil Owczarek - Data Streaming: Which horse to bet on?
GeeCON 2019: Dmitry Kandalov - Coroutines explained by example
GeeCON 2019: Andrzej Grzesik - What do I do with 1000 cores