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26 Aug 2020

GitLab Commit Virtual 2020


GitLab Commit brings together the GitLab community to connect, learn, and inspire. You’ll hear about exciting new technologies and discover how creators like you are innovating the future of software development. We're excited to announce that our summer 2020 Commit conference will be fully virtual! Save the date for Wednesday August 26, 2020 to join us for Virtual GitLab Commit.

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Videos from the conference (10):

Opening Keynote: The Power of GitLab - Sid Sijbrandij - Commit Virtual 2020
Commit Virtual 2020: DevOps Works! Why Hasn’t Security Kept Up
Commit Virtual 2020: Automation, Mastery & Purpose: The New New Transformation Paradigm
Commit Virtual 2020: Measuring DevOps
Commit Virtual 2020: GitLab Product Keynote
Commit Virtual 2020: DevSecOps in Govt & Highly Regulated Industries