Past event
8 Apr 2020

Global AI Community - On virtual tour April 2020


On the 8th of April 2020 the Global AI Community is hosting a 30 hour live event across timezones in different languages. Mark the date in your calender, subscribe to our YouTube channel and tune in.

Videos from the conference (30):

Custom models using Azure Forms Recognizer Cognitive Service - Anupama Natarajan
Machine learning operations: Applying DevOps to data science - Daiyu Hatakeyama
How to build a chatbot from zero to one on WeChat - 佳芮 李(Jiarui Li)
Start Building Machine Learning Models Faster than You Think - Cassie Breviu
Using Pre-Built AI to Solve Business Challenges - David Smith
Making sense of your unstructured data with AI - Seth Juarez