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20–22 Oct 2019

GoLab 2019


The Italian conference on Go programming language

Lightning talks CFP

Would you like to talk about your awesome personal project but you think a conference talk is too demanding for you?
Your conference talk is not ready yet but you still want to give an abbreviated version of it?
Do your talk wasn’t accepted for the conference but still, you want to talk about it?
Or maybe you just want to expose a raw idea or talk about a Go-related topic?

Lightning Talks are a great opportunity to get the word out in five minutes or less and garner some stage experience.

At GoLab 2019 they will take place both on Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd.

These 5-minute talks offer everyone a chance to take the stage at the conference, but with a little less pressure!
We don’t expect all talks to be given by professional speakers and, in fact, we’ll guarantee a friendly and supportive environment.


Lightning Talks rules are really simple:

  • Each selected talk will receive a free ticket for GoLab 2019!
  • Talks should run 5 minutes. You will not be allowed to run over the allotted time, so practice!
  • Talks must be related to the Go world
  • We’ll accept only one submission per person, so please choose wisely what to submit
  • Inappropriate content in your submission, which violates the Code of Conduct, will be returned immediately
  • If your talk will be selected you’ll get notified through Papercall

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