Past event
30 Oct – 1 Nov 2019

GopherCon AU 2019


First ever Go conference in Australia!

GopherConAU believes Go is the way to go! We wish to showcase this modern language here in beautiful Australia both as a successful tool for commercial programming and a viable career path. Part of our vision is to attract a diverse crowd both to the audience and to the stage. We aim the GopherCon Australia to reflect how we developers want the future of the industry to look.

For the first year of GopherCon Australia, we will use sponsorships to attract and accommodate for international speakers and workshop hosts. By showing that GopherCon Australia is a welcoming conference, we wish to create a sense of community coming from different backgrounds, supporting traditionally underrepresented groups in the technology industry. We invited prominent contributors to the Go tech scene, who share and represent our vision of inclusion and who come from diverse gender and ethnicity groups.

Many well known Australian companies use Go, including Google, Atlassian, VMware, Seek, Siteminder,, Campaign Monitor, Sajari, and many more.

GopherCon Australia is the latest in a series of conferences originating from the first GopherCon held in Denver, Colorado in 2014. The conference founders are Katie Fry and Xuanyi Chew, both organisers of the successful Sydney Go Users’ Group, and a committee of volunteers.

GopherCon Australia is happening in Sydney between 30th October and 1st November 2019. Yes, you read it right - conveniently before the weekend, so that you can extend your stay. We encourage you to take your partner, family, or friends with you, as we will provide you with recommendations on how to spend time in Sydney to enjoy the culture, art, and fun.

Videos from the conference (16):

GopherConAU 2019 - Julia Wong- Migrate to a New Platform by Creating a Pipeline in Go
GopherConAU 2019 - Joshua Carpeggiani - Go for Decimals
GopherConAU 2019 - Kaylyn Gibilterra - Unlocking net http APIs
GopherConAU 2019 - Ben Boyter - Sloc Cloc and Code
GopherConAU 2019 - Darrell Chua - Getting Started with Deep Learning in Go
GopherConAU 2019 - Alexander Else - Profiling a go service in production