Past event
1–2 Nov 2019

Gophercon Vietnam 2019


Let's speak at GopherCon Vietnam 2019, the largest Go conference in Vietnam!

GopherCon is an annual conference which began in last year - 2018 and is dedicated to the Go programming language. It is organized by Golang Vietnam, a community-driven group of developers who wish to promote the use of Go, the formation of an inclusive and supportive Go community, and the education of Go developers.

Learn a lot from the first event, GopherCon 2019 will be more organized and well planned. It is 2 days long, 1 day for Workshop and 1 day for Conference which take place November 1st-2nd, 2019, Ho Chi Minh City.

We encourage speakers who have not presented at a last conference. That means when choosing the final speakers list, we bit more prioritize those who have not spoken at GophercCon 2018.

Our CFP lasts for 2 month, from 10th June to 21st August. Details about Conference will come later.

Videos from the conference (12):

10. Overcoming latency, How we build a Cloud Game service with Go - Thanh Nguyen
09. Why you can't use GO! (away from anti-patterns) - Dinesh Kumar and Maulik Soneji
08. Image Processing Service: From On-Premise To Cloud Function With Golang - Dat Tran
07. করো: Translating Go to Other (Human) Languages, and Back Again - Aditya Mukerjee
06. NATS: A high-performance messaging system for communication between services - Doni Rubiagatra
05. A practical way to generate unique id with Go - Manh Dao