Past event
7–8 Nov 2019

Gopherpalooza 2019


A Go conference for the Left Coast! Go talks and community in Mountain View, CA. November 7-8, 2019. November 7 is our training day, and November 8 is the full day Go conference. Our venue will be the Hahn Auditorium at the Computer History Museum.

Our scope of talks includes anything in the realm of Go language development. Fun topics are encouraged, so please feel free to be creative.

Our audience will be members of the West Coast software developers community, mostly software engineers and practicing developers, technical team leads, etc.

Videos from the conference (13):

"Go is 10! Now What?" by Robert Griesemer – Gopherpalooza 2019
"Demystifying Context Values" by Jason Wentworth – Gopherpalooza 2019
"Parsing Expression Grammars (PEG)" by Tim Raymond – Gopherpalooza 2019
"Write Once, Compile Lots, Run Anywhere" by James Bowes – Gopherpalooza 2019
"Intro to AI for software engineers Using go-learn" by Miriah Peterson – Gopherpalooza 2019
"Building Scalable Microservices with Go" by Natalie Serebryakova – Gopherpalooza 2019