Past event
26 Apr 2020

GoRemoteFest 2020


GoRemoteFest is a one-day event with top-notch talks, GoRemoteFest will bring a fantastic round of topics about Go programming and related technologies in a casual an unusual setup. After the event, we will be also hosting a nice e-networking session via Zoom to try to know each other and get to know us better.

Great day, great people and great Go.

Videos from the conference (9):

GoRemoteFest 2020: Live
Go Remote Fest 2020: Dave Cheney - Maps in detail
Go Remote Fest 2020: Kyle Redelinghuys - Building the COVID19 API
Go Remote Fest 2020: Ellen Körbes - The Quest for the Fastest Deployment Time
Go Remote Fest 2020: Ole Bulbuk - Tales From Event Sourcing Pastures
Go Remote Fest 2020: Daniel Martí - What's coming in Go 1.15