Past event
12 Apr 2019

GothamGo 2019

New York, NY 

GothamGo is a one-day, single-tracked Go language and community conference conducted annually in New York City. We feature talks that push the boundaries of Go, given by speakers with an expert or unique perspective.

Our venue is the amazing NYIT Auditorium on Broadway, near Columbus Circle, an awesome location in the city.

Other GothamGo events:

GothamGo 2020
2 Oct 2020
NY New York New York, NY 

Videos from the conference (10):

GothamGo 2019 – "Finding Dependable Go Packages" by Julie Qiu
GothamGo 2019 – "Shattered Mirror: An Introduction to Reflect and Unsafe in Go" by James Bowes
GothamGo 2019 – "Off the Chain! Scaling Blockchains in Go" by Vicki Niu
GothamGo 2019 – "Interacting with Custom-Made Hardware in Go" by John Crepezzi
GothamGo 2019 – "Pac Man from Scratch" by Daniela Petruzalek
GothamGo 2019 – "The Athens Project - A Proxy Server for Go Modules" by Aaron Schlesinger