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18–22 Nov 2019

GOTO Copenhagen 2019


With tech permeating just about every industry and aspect of our lives, it is our duty as developers to understand the rapidly changing ecosystem we’re a part of in order to continuously adapt, create ethical solutions and write software we can be proud of.

GOTO Copenhagen 2019 is your chance to take part in and be inspired by a global innovation movement full of explorers, pioneers and trendsetters.

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Past event

Created for developers, by developers, GOTO Conferences are focused on bringing the best minds in the software community and the most interesting topics to light

Past event

Videos from the conference (13):

GOTO 2019 • Lies, Damned Lies, and Metrics • Roy Osherove
GOTO 2019 • Internationalisation is a Piece of Cake • Eli Schutze Ramirez
GOTO 2019 • Prioritizing Technical Debt as if Time and Money Matters • Adam Tornhill
GOTO 2019 • Why Aren't You A Data-Driven AI Company Yet? • Jan Bosch
GOTO 2019 • Composing Bach Chorales Using Deep Learning • Feynman Liang
GOTO 2019 • Building a Blockchain in Erlang • Ulf Wiger