Past event
23–25 Oct 2019

GOTO Berlin 2019


GOTO Conference is a software development conference designed for developers, team leads, architects, and project managers and is organized "for developers by developers". As software developers and architects ourselves, we want to create a great social and learning experience.

In 2019 we’re giving you the opportunity to design your own conference: You can choose exactly which days you’d like to attend - giving you a flexible ticket rather than a fixed package.

We also have masterclasses where you get to a full day's training, each one lead by one of our world renowned speakers. A higher quality training session is hard to find! You take part in a hands-on learning session lead by true experts.

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Videos from the conference (14):

GOTO 2019 • What Engineering Managers Should Do (and Why We Don’t) • Lena Reinhard
GOTO 2019 • HORRORLARITY • Leif Nixon
GOTO 2019 • Troubleshooting Tiered Tragedy: A Peek Into Failure • Jeff Smith
GOTO 2019 • 3 Common Pitfalls in Microservice Integration & How to Avoid Them • Bernd Rücker
GOTO 2019 • The Importance of Laughter • Aino Vonge Corry
GOTO 2019 • HTTP Headers for the Responsible Developer • Stefan Judis