Past event
28 Apr – 2 May 2019

GOTO Chicago 2019


GOTO Chicago 2019 brings together software innovators and thought leaders highlighting the technologies, methodologies and skills you need to build systems of the future. The conference program is created for developers by developers with the curated program covering the full stack of software development including DevOps and Security and highlighting emerging technologies like Machine Learning and Serverless.

Our speakers are leading industry experts who will both inspire and help you learn the practical know-how to advance your skills!

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Past event
GOTO Chicago 2020
27 Apr – 1 May 2020

Videos from the conference (57):

GOTO 2019 • The Soul of Erlang and Elixir • Saša Jurić
GOTO 2019 • Reactive Spring • Josh Long
GOTO 2019 • Not Just Events: Developing Asynchronous Microservices • Chris Richardson
GOTO 2019 • The Language of Programming • Anjana Vakil
GOTO 2019 • Welcome to Serverless 2.0 • Alex Ellis
GOTO 2019 • Intro to Empirical Software Engineering: What We Know We Don't Know • Hillel Wayne