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5 Jul 2019

GoWayFest 2019


GoWayFest 3.0 is the first of a kind event in Eastern Europe fully dedicated to Go.

On July 5, 2019 you'll see its 3rd edition. It will be interesting for both beginners and experienced gophers.

GoWayFest 3.0 is a one day & two tracks conference organised by SPACE Production together with the local Go community GoWayMinsk.

The main purpose of GoWayFest 3.0 is to sharpen developers’ skills in order to make it easier for them to uncover all new trends in development with Go. We are working to create fruitful network to discuss the most interesting cases.

We believe that diversity of speakers and topics will make our event better.

Minsk is a great place for both Western & Eastern gophers to meet one another – there's no visa policy (for up to 30 days travel for 80 countries)!

Selected speakers will get:

  • Invitation to a pre-party and after-party dinners with the leaders of Go community
  • Paid hotel for 2 nights (unless your company covers the expenses)
  • Booked plane tickets (unless your company covers the expenses)
  • Food at the conference
  • Visa invitation if needed (no visa is needed if you arrive for up to 30 days)

The audience – 200+ Go engineers (all levels, but mostly mid-senior developers).

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GoWayFest 3.0 2019 Conference – Short Recap
A closer look at garbage collection in Go, William Kennedy
Tackling contention: the monsters inside the `sync.Locker`, Roberto Clapis
Automate Your Home with Raspberry Pi and Go, Florin Pățan
Pac Man from Scratch, Daniela Petruzalek
Why Do We Need Our Own Bytecode Machine?, Anton Medvedev