21 Apr – 25 May 2022

Graph For All Million Dollar Challenge


GRAPH FOR ALL MILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE is a global search for innovative ways to harness the power of graph technology to solve real problems. Solutions will be judged across 4 prize categories:

  • The Most Impactful Solution
  • The Most Innovative Use Case of Graph
  • The Most Ambitious and Complex Graph
  • The Most Applicable Graph Solution

We want to unlock peoples' passions and creativity for solving problems that matter most to them and to show the world through the diverse submissions that graph has vast use case potential and the power to find insights behind complex problems. Graph technology is already a “must-have” for healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and media. The possibilities are endless.


Select a problem statement from the list or choose your own. Your task is to use TigerGraph’s graph analytics platform to uncover transformative solutions to a real-world problem you are passionate about.

Demo video. Your video should be under 3 minutes, include a demo of how your solution works, and highlight your novel idea.
Code. Provide a URL and access to your GitHub code repository. Your repository should include all your relevant project code and a README with getting started instructions that allow others to test your project (here is an example). Provide access by making your code public or sharing access with devposttesting and TigerGraph-MDC GitHub accounts.
Write-Up. Provide a written defense of your project, explaining its strength in each of the four judging criteria (see Judging and Criteria in the Rules). Provide supporting facts and statistics as appropriate. The response for each criterion may be up to 250 words.

$1,020,000 in prizes