Past event
20–21 Jun 2019

GraphQL Conf 2019


GraphQL Conf is the global non-profit GraphQL community conference with speakers from all around the world. Hosted in the heart of Berlin, the conference is an opportunity for the GraphQL community to come together, share knowledge and experiences, discuss crazy ideas, and contribute to the exciting future of GraphQL.

Learn about GraphQL best practices from industry experts and become part of the thriving GraphQL community. GraphQL Conf is organized by Prisma and Honeypot.

Diversity is a core value of GraphQL Conf, and we highly encourage everyone to submit a talk. Newcomers are just as welcome as veterans! Public speaking can be frightening, we’ll do our best to help you get on the stage well-prepared and ready to deliver an amazing talk.

Videos from the conference (20):

We're gonna program like it's 1999 — Lee Byron @ GraphQL Conf 2019
GraphQL Subscriptions at Scale for Real time Monitoring Dashboard—Vimalraj Selvam @GraphQL Conf 2019
GraphQL Execution Strategies — Andreas Marek @ GraphQL Conf 2019
Apollo Schema Federation — James Baxley @ GraphQL Conf 2019
Evolving the Graph — Jon Wong @ GraphQL Conf 2019
Gatsby and GraphQL: Today and the Future — Kyle Matthews @ GraphQL Conf 2019