Past event
29–31 Oct 2019

GraphQL Summit 2019


Join over 1,200 developers at the world's largest conference dedicated to GraphQL!

What to expect:

  • Production stories: learn best practices from teams putting GraphQL into production in a variety of environments;
  • New technology: be the first to see cutting edge tools that make GraphQL development more productive;
  • Advanced patterns: go beyond "Hello, world!" and discover sophisticated techniques for your current and future needs.

Videos from the conference (54):

GraphQL Summit 2019 Keynote
Caching & GraphQL: Setting the Story Straight (MARC-ANDRÉ GIROUX Senior Platform Engineer at GitHub)
Fine Tuning Apollo Client Caching for Your Data Graph (Ben Newman, Apollo Client Architect at Apollo
Migrating to Apollo + GraphQL at Airbnb (BRIE BUNGE - Software Engineer at Airbnb)
The GraphQL developer experience
Transforming customer experiences and your organization with GraphQL (JIM GUST & DAN BOERNER)