Past event
31 Aug – 1 Sep 2019

GrillRB 2019


Join us for GrillRB 2019, a gathering of Ruby enthusiasts from around the world.

GrillRB is Polish outdoor single-track community-driven conference fully dedicated to Ruby on Rails framework and Ruby language. The conference will be held in Wrocław on 31 August and 1 September 2019. During the two day event we are going to discuss the topics which are the most crucial for Ruby community, such as: best practices, development process and the future of Ruby. Come and exchange the knowledge and experience, talk over projects with other Rubyists in relaxing & enjoyable environment.

This year, GrillRB will be located on Wzgórze Andersa in Wrocław. The hill is 2.5 kilometers from the city center. In the near distance there are hotels, restaurants, shops and AquaPark.

Videos from the conference (10):

GrillRB Conference 2019 - How to test microservices and stay sane by Tatiana Shepeleva
GrillRB Conference 2019 - RubyX: Compiling Ruby and it's effect on the community by Torsten Rüger
GrillRB Conference 2019 - Working with binary data in Ruby by Grzegorz Kołodziejczyk
GrillRB 2019 A year with Hanami in production: the Good, the Bad and some Recipes by Yevhen Kuzminov
GrillRB Conference 2019 - Ruby Prototyping for Impact by Naomi Freeman
GrillRB 2019 - Deconstructing the hype: What people think is wrong with Ruby? by Amr Abdelwahab