Past event
25–26 Oct 2019

Hacktivity 2019


About Hacktivity – The IT Security Festival in Central & Eastern Europe

  • Hacktivity is a world-wide known cybersecurity summit with a history of 16 years
  • Brings together the official and alternative representatives of the information security profession
  • 3 days of applied security training sessions
  • 2 days of highly technical conference
  • The largest event of its kind in Central & Eastern Europe
  • An environment designed to cater students as well as seasoned professionals
  • Presentations are informal, informative and sometimes deeply technological
  • Working with a dynamic and creative team which innovates every year to adapt to the real needs of the partners.

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Videos from the conference (35):

Yury Chemerkin - Breaking Smart. Hacking Health, Wearable and Smart Apps to Prevent Leaking
Francisco Ramirez - GANs and Roses: Weaponizing the CEO Scam Fraud with AI and Autoencoders
Dávid Török - My Adventures in Disabling Intel ME 12
László Miklós Bíró - IoT Devices, Were Are You and What Do you Do?
Tamás Kocsis & Bálint Kovács - Fight Against Fake News Sites Using Open Source Tools (in Hungarian)
Aleksandr Kolchanov - Attacks on GSM Alarms, Smart Homes, Ind. Control Sys. & Smartwatches for Kids