Past event
7–8 Oct 2019


Unconference dedicated to W3C Web Component specification and all things #HAXTheWeb.

Want to learn more about LitElement , Polymer , VanillaJS , SkateJS and others? Come learn with us!

Interested in framework agnostic components you can use in your existing React , Angular , Vue , Backbone and CMS projects? It's all we're talking about!

Have you made some cool web components and want to show off? Join us!

Need to figure out tooling, building, SEO, polyfills, and other considerations? Let's figure it out together!

Do you want to learn more about web components top to bottom? Join us as we all discover together!

Want to learn more about HAX, HAXcms and all things HAXTheWeb ? Join us and find out!

< hax-camp > provides a space for collaboration, discussion, and sharing of best practices for those exploring web components. Whether you are using HAXeditor, HAXcms, or anything else, you’ll learn and share valuable knowledge about web components at < hax-camp >

Videos from the conference:

HAX The Camp Address, 2019
HAX-Camp Session: Web Components and Microservices, A Match Made in Heaven