Past event
26–27 Sep 2019

Heapcon 2019


New Serbian tech conference from the kitchen of experienced chefs. Heapcon is regional IT conference for everyone in Web development but also tech business. Heapcon organizers promise fantastic speaker lineup, new workshop formats and regional experts in software development.

Videos from the conference (39):

Heapcon 2019 | Automated Program Generation from Input-Output Examples - Sumit Gulwani
Heapcon 2019 | Real-world Machine Learning with TensorFlow and Cloud AI - Kaz Sato
Heapcon 2019 | Advanced Serverless Architectural Patterns on AWS - Alex Casalboni
Heapcon 2019 | Pattern Analysis: Learned vs. Engineered - Miloš Stojanović
Heapcon 2019 | Navigating Through Space - Lois Kim
Heapcon 2019 | Ready Steady Crash - Katie Koschland