Past event
5–6 Dec 2019

Heisenbug 2019 Moscow


Heisenbug 2019 Moscow is a large technical conference that takes place in Moscow, Russia, on December 5-6, 2019.

Heisenbug conference brings together more than 900 professionals in the field of quality assurance. These professionals are testers, programmers developing tests for their code, engineers in automated and load testing, and team leads willing to improve testing efficiency in their projects. All speakers talk about the most important, practical and hardcore things on software testing:

  • Automation testing;
  • Manual testing;
  • Load testing, performance testing, benchmarking;
  • Testing of distributed systems;
  • Testing of mobile applications;
  • UX, Security, A/B testing;
  • Code analysis and its tools;
  • Tools and testing environment;
  • Test frameworks best practices;
  • Testing of compilers, nuclear power plants, and so on.

By JUG.RU Group

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Павел Щедухин — Автоматизация тестирования аналитики мобильного приложения
Николай Козлов — Реальная оптимизация изображений мобильных приложений
Виталий Фридман — Designing and building with privacy in mind
Артем Ерошенко — Визуализация покрытия автотестов
Алексей Тюрин — Решаем проблемы Espresso автотестов Android в реальном мире
Adrián Bolonio — Testing Web Accessibility